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WWE: Was the Greatest Royal Rumble a glorified house show?

30 April 2018

While the annual January Rumble features 30 entrants, this one will have a whopping 50. Tests of strength between two powerhouse wrestlers are fine, but shows need to kick off with excitement and have something at stake. The event, that featured the largest Royal Rumble match in WWE history, ended with Braun Strowman holding the giant trophy and a championship belt above his head as he outlasted 49 other men to emerge as the victor of the enormous 50-man match. The Rumble match itself would end up seeing two records being broken. He is clearly in a much better physical state then he was at WrestleMania 33 when he struggled through his main event with Reigns.

The win clearly illustrates the company's faith in Strowman, as well as Vince McMahon's preference for a big man to be the face of his company. Cathy Kelley looks at the new champions in the WWE Now video seen above.

Perhaps the most talked about moment of the recent Greatest Royal Rumble event was not the WrestleMania-quality card, or the fact that the biggest Royal Rumble match in history took place. For them to agree with the deal knowing the women from WWE could not compete was a chance for the WWE to make a stand on a movement it seemed to believe in highly?

The WWE staged a groundbreaking show in Saudi Arabia on Friday in which women and children were in attendance, and also shocked some with a bit that included the waving of the Iranian flag.

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According to Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, WWE did not put Zayn on the show in an effort to "respect the local culture in Saudi Arabia". The 10-year deal will not only be massively profitable for the world's largest wrestling conglomerate but also pave the way for more cultural exchanges in and out of Saudi Arabia. If $0.12 is reported, WWE's profit will be $9.26 million for 83.96 P/E. -42.86 % negative EPS growth is what analysts predict. $0.21 earnings per share was announced for previous quarter. The figure may have been exaggerated and the accumulative revenue probably won't be known until a few months later.

Big Cass continued his feud with Bryan by eliminating him from the Rumble, and WWE has done a solid job in presenting Cass as a legitimate threat only weeks after returning to the company.

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WWE: Was the Greatest Royal Rumble a glorified house show?