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'CARAVAN' CROSSING? Migrant Group ARRIVES at US Border

30 April 2018

About 130 Central Americans seeking asylum and traveling in a caravan made it to Tijuana, Mexico, which sits on the Mexico-U.S. border about 20 miles south of San Diego, Wednesday evening, Reuters reported.

"Pockets of the original, so-called 'migrant caravan, ' which press reports indicate consists mostly of Honduran nationals, have begun to arrive at our southern border with the intent of claiming asylum".

"The wall doesn't look that tall", said a 15-year-old girl from Honduras. "I really want to cross it".

"Thanks to god we're here", said 34-year-old Aide Hernandez from Guatemala who had four children in tow.

Moving from town to town, the migrant caravan became a stumbling block for US-Mexico relations after Trump unleashed a series of tweets in early April, telling Mexican authorities to stop them.

While Mexican authorities did prevent some workers from making their way towards the border -with initial estimates being upwards of 1500 people- it remains unclear how federal authorities will handle the asylum seekers.

In the US, some supporters of the caravan have been marching south toward San Diego to meet up with the migrants and welcome them at the border.

"I'm so scared", said Daisy Guardado, 40, who fled Honduras with her three daughters after a gang attacked one and killed her brother.

Q:Why is a caravan of migrants headed to the USA border?

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"I think it's just a way for him to rile up Americans who fear brown immigrants invading their borders, to create this image that a caravan of Central Americans are coming to descend upon America".

He has instructed the Secretary of Homeland Security to ensure that they are denied entry into America. "They have to have a very specific reason", said Stavros.

Pueblos Sin Fronteras volunteers say they and other organizations are simply explaining to vulnerable people what rights they have, not coaching them to break the law.

The caravan incurred the wrath of President Trump, who said it was a disgrace the group could proceed with their journey undeterred - even as it was getting worldwide media exposure.

Nielsen has urged Congress to work with the Trump administration to pass legislation that would protect the borders and stop criminals from taking advantage of immigration laws.

It was unclear if concerns about immigration could affect the talks to update the NAFTA accord, which were also talking place this week in the USA capital where ministers from Mexico, Canada and United States rushed to seal a quick deal. The migrants were warned they could face long periods of separation from their children and lengthy detention if they are allowed to stay in the U.S.

Wuillams had fled Honduras after being raped in a case so grave that an immigration attorney she met with for almost an hour along the caravan route told her she had a 95 per cent chance of a making a successful asylum claim in the United States.

What will happen if they try to cross the border?

'CARAVAN' CROSSING? Migrant Group ARRIVES at US Border