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ZTE: US Ban Severely Impacts Survival and Hurts American Businesses

21 April 2018

It is "unacceptable" that the USA side insists on unfairly imposing the most severe penalty against ZTE, even before the completion of an investigation, the statement said.

However, as the DOC enacted the ban because ZTE did not reduce bonuses and failed to reprimand 35 key employees by the deadline they were given, the company may not have much of a leg upon which their argument can stand. ZTE is crying foul and saying that the DOC is being unfair in its action and activated the ban without gathering facts.

"The most urgent priority is to ease the disastrous impact on ZTE caused by US sanctions through efforts from multiple sides", the CCPIT said, noting that it would be "unrealistic" to ask the United States to remove the order.

ZTE said it will seek talks with United States officials and take legal action if necessary, after the USA government "unfairly" imposed a ban on components from the U.S. to the Chinese company. The spokesman gave no details of what Qualcomm proposed to satisfy Chinese competition concerns or why regulators found problems with it. Gao didn't respond to a reporter's question about whether the review was influenced by the dispute with Trump or Washington's decision to penalize a Chinese tech company this week over sales to Iran and North Korea. Last year alone, it said it invested more than US$50 million in its export control compliance efforts and planned to invest more resources this year.

The Chinese vendor said in a statement Friday that it had invested significant efforts since April 2016 to ensure its practices and processes were in compliance with export laws.

ZTE is yet to provide guidance to consumers on how the ban will affect its ability to provide updates to the Android operating system, a Google product, which it uses on its phones.

The episode with ZTE could risk escalating the trade disputes between China and the U.S. Both have traded threats of placing billions of dollars in tariffs but technology had been one area of particular contention.

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It noted, however, that it was "determined, if necessary, to take judicial measures to protect the legal rights and interests of our company, our employees, and our shareholders".

ZTE smartphones aren't the most popular, but can be intriguing.

ZTE phones were available for sale on Thursday through websites of major USA carriers and retailers including AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Best Buy and Walmart.

Domestic producers have yet to master some core technology and the production of key components, Ye Tianchun, head of the Chinese Academy of Sciences institute of microelectronics, said.

Progress has been made in closing the technological gap and chip makers attracted by the huge market potential are increasing their presence in China.

ZTE will increase R&D investment, Yin said.

ZTE: US Ban Severely Impacts Survival and Hurts American Businesses