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Trump lawyer Michael Cohen expected at court hearing over searches

17 April 2018

A special master, however, would be a more palatable solution.

Cohen declined to comment on the ruling while leaving the courtroom.

"They describe the documents as thousands, if not millions, of pages of documents subject to the attorney-client privilege, including audio recordings", said Avenatti, concluding, "this is going to get very, very bad for Michael Cohen".

Cohen's lawyers argued that the evidence should be protected by attorney-client privilege.

Daniels is engaged in a separate civil legal fight over US$130,000 she received in a 2016 agreement arranged by Cohen to stop her from discussing a sexual encounter she says she had with Trump a decade earlier.

"This is perhaps the most highly publicized search warrant in the history of recent American criminal jurisprudence". Would Hannity be able to report on wrongdoing by Cohen?

Attorneys for Cohen told CNBC that revealing clients other than Trump would likely be "embarrassing or detrimental to the client". He added that Cohen's "life has been turned upside down".

They called the Federal Bureau of Investigation raids on Cohen's home, office and hotel room "an operation disquieting to lawyers, clients, citizens, and commentators alike", and repeatedly referred to their client, whom they represent in a personal capacity, as "the president". On Monday, a little more detail was shed on the still-sealed areas the government is investigating.

It is unusual but not unprecedented for criminal investigators to seize documents from a lawyer, and there is a policy in place created to shield information covered by attorney-client privilege.

Outside the courthouse, Daniels' lawyer claimed vindication in his client's attempts to shed light on Cohen's tactics in protecting Trump over the years. He has filed two separate declarations in this case addressing the facts with one of them being filed after the Federal Bureau of Investigation raids.

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In a legal filing before the proceeding on Monday, Mr. Cohen revealed that he had worked as a lawyer since 2017 for 10 clients, seven of whom he served by providing "strategic advice and business consulting". The other seven were of a business consulting nature.

News broke on Monday that Fox News host #Sean Hannity has been a client of #Michael Cohen, the controversial personal lawyer for Donald Trump. And that he never retained Cohen or pay him for a service.

"I've known Michael a long, long time".

"I wonder when Hannity's long-planned vacation is going to start", tweeted political writer John Podhoretz. I never paid a legal fee. "Attorney Client privilege is now a thing of the past", he said. After his identity was revealed, Hannity said on his syndicated radio show, and again later on his Fox News program, that he had "occasional, brief discussions" with Cohen in which he sought out Cohen's "input and perspective". "And I assume that those conversations were attorney-client confidential".

Hannity said he assumed those discussions were covered by attorney-client privilege, and insisted that none involved any matter between himself and a third party.

But Hannity, an entertainer at heart, blurs the lines all the time - for example by calling his show "real news" and by asserting that he has anonymous sources.

"I mean, he has a meeting with Sean Hannity, right?" The Playmate became pregnant and elected to have an abortion.

Broidy admitted to the relationship in a statement but did not address whether he had impregnated the woman.

Daniels is also in attendance.

Trump lawyer Michael Cohen expected at court hearing over searches