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Nicki Minaj Addresses Cardi B Drama In New Song & Interview

13 April 2018

So you can imagine how stressful it was for Nicki.

In "Barbie Tingz", Nicki chose to take a lyrical strike at artists who spend time dissing her due to their own inability to chart hits. What do I have to lie about? "I couldn't erase the love I had for my team, but I also couldn't speak out". "I've been working on this album since December", she said, though some tracks are older. I felt so imprisoned in that moment. The two tracks will appear on her unnamed upcoming album and she appears to be thoroughly fulfilled by the work she's done thus far.

Minaj said later when the drama was over the Drake was just anxious about their friendship. Then what? What if Nicki spits bars at me?' He said that was the only thing he was anxious about because that would have been so hurtful, painful for both of us.

She said it was hard to stay out of the ongoing drama between Drake and Meek. But what I will say now is that sighs deeply The judge in question did everything I asked of her.

Internet media personality DJ Akademiks had revealed during a Twitch stream in November that Nicki had a verse on the song which was different from the one that was released to the public (listen to the commentary above). "We all have moved on", Minaj stated. She explained in Thursday's interview that she had a scheduling conflict and was upset that neither Migos nor Cardi (real name Belcalis Almanzar) publicly came to her defense.

With the release of her new music today, Minaj spoke to Zane Lowe at Beats 1 to put the beef to bed once and for all. Cardi insinuated in the interview that the verse Minaj raps on "Motorsport" was different from the original one she heard. "I was like, What?"

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She also came through with "Chun Li", which brings an awkward but satisfying taste of her ever evolving style. I know what she said to us. At this point Minaj starts getting emotional and sniffling.

After speaking with Drake once the beef died down, she said Drake admitted that his only concerned was whether she would join Meek and attack him given their friendship and loyalty to one another.

So I texted Quavo and I said, 'Hey can you back me up on this because I don't want people to think I'm lying. And play the victim. "That really, really hurt me because I really, fully supported her", she shared, getting teary-eyed.

For the previous year or so, a number of fans have postulated that Nicki Minaj and Cardi B are engaged in a feud. And Chun-Li never struck me as luxury label-obsessed fighter, because she's mainly stuck to two familiar outfits during her street fighting career.

Why did she take a break from social media? When I'm not scrolling through various timeline's I'm researching skin care regiments and watching the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Nicki Minaj Addresses Cardi B Drama In New Song & Interview