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Pregnant Cardi B Confirms Fashion Nova Collaboration with Instagram Video

11 April 2018

My album just dropped, but I'm the first late-night co-host that isn't a white guy!

"Yeah, no, I just didn't want to", she agreed.

She also turned to Twitter to address her doubters, saying that the baby will not slow her down. Still, she said she's in a flawless position to rear her own lil' girl or guy, okuuuur?!

Cardi then expressed frustration at people on the internet, and those close to her, who questioned her decision to become a mother. "So cute!" In addition, Cardi B also received a bedazzled bottle.

Cardi B: No, I just [sighs]. Certain things y'all want from me it's like can y'all just chill? On Monday night, however, Cardi returned to The Tonight Show as not just a guest, but as the show's first co-host. As someone who has proven herself to be very outspoken and candid, Cardi B had no problem sharing her thoughts on being pregnant, admitting that, "it wasn't planned".

This past weekend was a pretty exciting weekend for music fans of Cardi B, but it was even more exciting for her.

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I'm a true eighties baby, literally born in the first quarter of 1980, and my first album purchase was Nas' perennial NYC street soundtrack, Illmatic. "Think imma lose with my little baby counting on me?" she said.

While the expecting couple stayed gender neutral with the colors in the nursery, Cardi's sister may have spilled the beans in an Instagram post, where she referred to the baby as 'her'.

Cardi B explained her confidence in Offset as a father, since she's seen his parenting skills on display with his three children from previous relationships. "As a woman, why can't I have both?"

'It's like, "Actually, I wanted to shit on myself". She should be applauded for not becoming a victim of the Love & Hip Hop franchise but instead finessing it like her smash song with Bruno Mars stated. While I doubt that I will listen to this album straight through again, I can say that it is way better that I expected it to be. She added, "I don't want to wait until I'm 30-something to have a kid".

Watch the rest of Cardi B's Breakfast Club interview here.

Pregnant Cardi B Confirms Fashion Nova Collaboration with Instagram Video