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5 things to know about the gender wage gap

11 April 2018

Native women struggle with similar professional barriers; it is reported that they have to work nine extra months to make the same salary as white men make, so their Equal Pay Day for 2017 won't roll around until September 2018. NY (11 cents), California (12 cents), and Florida (13 cents) have the smallest wage gaps.

"We hope this humorous and tasty message will succeed in raising awareness of the illegal and unfair pay gap that continues to plague working women", said AAUW's Hillary Kambour in an email. Knowing what coworkers earn would make getting equal pay easier and prevent employer retaliation. "Our data found that 66% of the time, women are asking for less money-6% less on average-than men for the same role at the same company", says Kelli Dragovich, senior vice president of people at Hired.

Montreal-based engineering firms WSP Global and SNC-Lavalin reported large gaps in wages and bonuses.

When it comes to wage disparity, women face unique obstacles, including a lack of paid family leave and subsidized child care, as well as discrimination in recruitment and hiring.

The gender pay gap is defined as the average difference between men's and women's aggregate hourly earnings.

Women who are mothers also pay a penalty that's independent of the type of work they've chosen. Native American women make 57 cents for every dollar a white man makes, and their Equal Pay Day is September 27. "Companies should conduct regular salary audits to balance their pay structures, and policymakers need to review legislation such as the Paycheck Fairness Act, which has not changed since 1963, and the Fair Labor Standards Act", the statement said.

Russian firms on brink as United States sanctions cause panic
Rusal, which produces about 7% of the world's aluminium, said it regretted its inclusion on the new USA sanctions list. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Moscow was looking at how to support the companies and sectors that have been hit.

The HIMSS compensation survey garnered 885 responses.

Even the most cynical among us has to admit: The past year has brought a number of notable wins for women. Not only does the gap exists, but research points to a complicated mix of bias and occupational choices that create a pervasive cycle of lower earnings for women. The wage gap was 20 per cent at Reuters Ltd. and the mean bonus gap was 41 per cent. According to the Economic Policy Institute, Latina workers had to work 10 months into 2017 to be paid the same as white non-Hispanic men in 2016.

"Latinas only earn 54 cents to the dollar".

Since 2012 its female workforce increased 30 cent resulting in 42 per cent are now women.

All in all, the paper underscores the inconvenient truth that, for many women, starting a family is in direct conflict with growing a lucrative career.

"It is only by approaching diversity with mutual and consistent action that we can close the gap".

5 things to know about the gender wage gap