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Apple's new $329 iPad and iOS 11.3 release temper my wanderlust

01 April 2018

The update brings ARKit 1.5, more Animoji, new Business Chat feature (For the United States and Canada), Health Records, Data & Privacy, iPhone Battery Health (Beta), bug fixes, and other Additional features.

Batteries and performance: With iOS 11.3, you'll be able to see your battery health, and receive recommendations about whether your battery needs to be serviced at an Apple Store. You can also disable Apple's controversial throttling feature which slows down performance on phones with older batteries. The update also includes the much-anticipated battery health monitor, which is the company's answer to all the criticism regarding its decision to secretly throttle iPhone batteries when they get to be a certain age.

Apple released iOS 11.3, offering a business chat feature that could make it a more usable platform for organizations to reach users. With iOS 11.3, apps will now able to use vertical surfaces like - walls and doors, in addition to horizontal surfaces like tables and chairs. iOS 11.3 update also adds the ability to be able to more accurately map irregularly shaped surfaces like circular tables. The device can either be updated automatically or manually via the Home app after the iOS device that the user has is updated to iOS 11.3 first.

New AR experiences: Apple is making a bigger effort with augmented reality for iOS 11.3. It tells you the overall capacity and if it's time to change your battery.

Then there's Business Chat, which is a new way for users to chat directly with businesses through the normal Messages app.

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A new Health Records app enables patients across 40 health systems from institutions like Duke, NYU, Langone, Stanford and Yale to check their medical records.

It's update day for Apple, so users who have several Apple devices will have several updates to download and install.

While tvOS 11.3 is also launching today, it's a very minor update that includes some bug fixes and other minor patches.

The information is encrypted and protected by a passcode to prevent general access, Apple said. The ARKit, which came with iOS 11 can also bring 2D images to life. The new battery health settings are only offered for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. The new Animojis are a lion, bear, dragon, and skull.

Like Facebook Messenger, iMessage is gaining the capability to let users talk with businesses. Apple says on its website that it believes privacy is a "fundamental human right" and argues that the way it manages user data is a key differentiator from the competition.

Apple's new $329 iPad and iOS 11.3 release temper my wanderlust