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Rams make 23rd overall pick available in Odell Beckham Jr

28 March 2018

New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman addressed multiple topics about star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. on Tuesday.

The three-time Pro Bowler has also recently been the subject of trade rumors, with Giants owner John Mara saying that while Beckham might not be on the trading block, he is not an "untouchable".

NFL Network reported the 25-year-old will hold out if he doesn't receive a new contract before the season begins. Perhaps that's why Gettleman and the Giants are hesitant to hand him an enormous contract, to say nothing of the non-stop distractions Beckham brings.

This comes a day after co-owner John Mara said he could not rule out the possibility of trading Beckham, adding "I wouldn't say anyone is untouchable" and that "I'm exhausted of answering questions about Odell's behavior".

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When Jones asked him to state unequivocally that Beckham is not available for trade, Gettleman said only, "He's on the team right now".

"When too much becomes too much, I think everyone's aware of it", Tisch said.

Is the Giants' relationship with one of the sport's uniquely talented players beyond fix? "I think that's why it's important as coaches and players and anybody who is working together that you get a chance to visit and get to know one another". Earlier in March, a video surfaced of the wide receiver with what appeared to be cocaine and a brown cigarette in hand. A very charismatic guy. "I think it's important, especially in the player-coach relationship, to get to know him". "The only way you get to know somebody is by visiting with them and I got a good sense, a better sense, of who he is". Beckham, though, doesn't appear amenable to such a scenario, especially given that he's coming off a fractured ankle which limited him to just four games last season. "But like we said, we don't really get into the situation of discussing players that are on another team, just out of respect for tampering and what can come with that". "I understand that. It's sort of refreshing to know we're gonna look under any rock and turn over any stone we can to make sure we make the New York Football Giants the best team we can make it".

Rams make 23rd overall pick available in Odell Beckham Jr