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Here Are Some Signs From Today's Incredible 'March For Our Lives' Rally

26 March 2018

Tens of thousands of Americans have gathered across the country at March For Our Lives rallies to demand tighter gun laws, led by survivors of last month's Florida school massacre which reignited public anger over mass shootings. Ernie Lopez, R-Lewes, State Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf, D-Rehoboth Beach, Rehoboth Commissioner Kathy McGuiness and Rehoboth Mayor Paul Kuhns, who was stunned by the number of people who came for the march.

The Parkland kids implored people to register to vote.

The newspaper said the students have made clear "they aren't going away" in their push for action.

Gun control lobbying group Everytown for Gun Safety helped plan and coordinate the events and at the rallies, along with organizers who also coordinated The Women's March after Donald Trump was sworn in as President of the United States. "We are magic. We are power".

What if you can't attend the Washington march? They said the idea that citizens should be able to own assault rifles is "ridiculous".

Alvin Chan, a Hong Kong high school pupil who is considering studying political science in the USA for university, attended the march with his parents.

Several Hollywood celebrities like Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande, as well as "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, among others performed in Washington. "We live in fear, but it does not have to be this way", said organizer Courtney Merchant.

Yolanda Renee King, the nine-year-old granddaughter of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. brought many to tears with a surprise appearance. He was one of a handful of counter-protestors who walked behind marchers to the stadium and talked with them outside during and after the event. She said she's exhausted of hearing gunshots outside her home.

"The problem that I have with March for Our Lives is they didn't invite us", Shawn Haufe, a combat veteran with Gun Owners of New Mexico told local Albuquerque television station KOB-TV.

The price tag said $1.05.

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Ruma Amar, 29, was shot at the front entrance of Playtime Bowl and Entertainment while standing near the intended target on March 18, police said. "We thought maybe there would be 50 or 100, and maybe more".

The Stoneman Douglas teens already proved their mettle, she said.

Parkland survivor Emma Gonzalez has become known for firing up crowds with her words.

Before getting on stage, she tried to get a bulletproof vest.

But she said these students moved her to speak up at any cost. The crowd broke through with random chants. Then, a timer beeped.

She stayed silent on stage for six minutes and 20 seconds - the exact amount of time it took them to be killed.

About 75 percent of adults say they want armed security guards in school, with some 53 percent in favor of publicly funding gun classes for teachers and school personnel and 45 percent saying school staff should be encouraged to carry a weapon. "I didn't know March for Our Lives was a thing until it applied directly to me".

Nicholas Dworet was a senior preparing to go to college in Indianapolis when he was gunned down.

But these rallies did not attract too many students even in some of the most liberal campuses in the USA.

Instead, the crowd sang an emotional version of "Happy Birthday". Her mother, brother and nephew were lost to gun violence in 2008. Another joined to show her generation will not be silenced.

Here Are Some Signs From Today's Incredible 'March For Our Lives' Rally