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Apple Said To Begin Trial Production Of 2018 iPhones Soon

23 March 2018

Further, considering that an updated new iPad range, including a bezel-free iPad Pro 2018, has reportedly been in development, we feel that Apple could easily relaunch its current iPad as a new, more affordable model with Apple Pencil support, aimed at teachers and students. Ultimately, Apple will likely outsource production of its new screen technology to minimize the risk of hurting its bottom line with manufacturing snafus.

The iPhone X successor is expected to feature the same 5.8-inch display as the model that was released back in 2017. According to new information, the 5.8-inch variant of the 2018 iPhone will be cheaper to manufacture, despite the OLED display.

Let's assume that Apple intends to offer the upgraded iPhone X for the same price that the current iPhone X sells for - $999 for the baseline configuration and $1,149 for the one with more storage.

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Phone manufacturers tweak screens to their specifications, and Apple has for years calibrated iPhone screens for color accuracy. In addition to a direct follow-up to the iPhone X, complete with a 5.8-inch OLED screen and identical design, Apple is said to be planning a 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus model.

Currently, the original iPhone X's manufacturing bill of materials (MBOM) supposedly costs Apple $400, minus distribution, marketing and the likes. We can expect an iPhone X sequel as well as a larger iPhone X Plus (6.45-inch; it may not be called that), and a lower-cost iPhone model (6.1-inch) with an LCD screen instead of an OLED panel. However, the project was suspended in mid-February and seems to have been completely scrapped. Apple already started making its own chips, now it's attempting to make displays. The jump sized iPhone could have a 6.5-inch display and a resolution of 1242 x 2688 pixels. We could see Apple displays used in the Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and maybe even MacBooks in the future, but there's one big problem: MicroLED is extremely hard to manufacture. Lin also suggested that the 5.85-inch OLED model might very well be the upgradation of the canceled LCD project, modified due to MBOM concerns. While Apple may be operating its MicroLED facilities in secrecy, in Taiwan first, and now in California, MicroLED tech isn't exactly a secret, and Apple isn't the only company working on the future of screens. While the display on the iPhone X is extremely color accurate, it's still not quite ideal.

Apple Said To Begin Trial Production Of 2018 iPhones Soon