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1100 hours of detention for student walkouts

17 March 2018

"As the North Kingstown High School Student Union, we are planning a silent walkout on Wednesday, March 14, at 10 reject violence in our schools and to stand in solidarity with victims of school shootings, most recently in Parkland, Florida, but also in senseless acts of school violence across the country since Columbine", according to an emailed statement.

"As the news broke in waves over our community, one of the most surprising reactions was resignation: school shootings and gun violence are now the reality in America", Kellermann said.

Students read the names, gave a short biography of each Parkland victim and lit a candle for each one. In response, Keranen reached out and stated gathering up other students.

The three schools have about 4,500 students enrolled.

"You, the young people of this country, are leading the nation", Senator Bernie Sanders told the crowd.

"I'm sick of being afraid to get shot at school", she said.

Some students reported when they tried to leave their classes, they were confronted by school officials who threatened them with disciplinary action. "And the students don't want to feel any kind of uncertainty with their teachers' state of mind if they have a gun".

Emma Taylor-Salinas, a seventh grade student at State College Friends School, writes an affirmation heart for students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. President Trump was out of town. Students were advised to hold the protest in the school's football stadium to ensure safety for participants, he said. "Time for action!" they chanted.

The school system didn't indicate whether the sign would have been approved had it been submitted under the guidelines.

This national walkout comes just one month after the mass school shooting in Florida when a 19-year old walked in with an AR-15 and started shooting, killing 17.

At 10am, the students filed out of the WHS front doors, some holding signs that said, "Save Lives, Not Gun", "Fear Has No Place in Schools", and "We Will Be Heard", among other sentiments.

"It was a training day", he said.

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Justin Hockey, the walkout's local organizer, said that in 10 days he plans to travel to Atlanta to participate in the "March for Our Lives," a nationwide movement that is planning demonstrations in favor of gun control March 24.

The idea of chaperoned protests rubbed some students the wrong way, however.

Congress has shown little inclination to defy the powerful NRA and tighten gun laws, and Mr. Trump backed away from his initial support for raising the minimum age for buying an assault rifle to 21.

"We've been told so many times we don't have a voice simply because we can't vote", Musa said.

She also urged students to be peaceful and quiet if they participated so as to not disrupt the rest of the school.

Peacock said his main concern is protecting people.

Wednesday's coordinated protests were organized by Empower, the youth wing of the Women's March, which brought thousands to Washington previous year.

The incident was captured on a video that was posted on Facebook by Kenny MacDonald, a student at the high school.

"Our students did the right thing", Shelton said. "The people in Parkland aren't going to be the same".

"A lot of people actually planned on it", she said.

High school and middle school Principal Ezekiel Ohan expressed pride for the way students were conducting themselves and exercising their constitutional rights of assembly and free speech.

Some students - mostly freshmen and sophomores - made their way out of the school through the main lobby entrance by the flagpole, while a majority of students walked through the school, past the main office, behind the cafeteria and out of the south side of the building. "We care about money more than we care about you.' It's frustrating".

1100 hours of detention for student walkouts