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Apple to acquire Texture, the 'Netflix for magazines'

13 March 2018

"We coud not imagine a better home or future for the service".

While the other two tech giants rely heavily on artificial intelligence to monitor the spread of fabricated or hoax news stories on their platforms, Apple relies on a small USA editorial team to curate the contents of its news app that comes pre-loaded on Apple's smartphones.

The service provides unlimited digital access to more than 200 magazines for a monthly fee.

There is no word on what Apple intends to do with the purchase.

On stage at SXSW, Apple Senior VP of Internet Software and Services was asked if those investments meant that it would buy a major player like Netflix or Disney.

It'll also offer another revenue boost to Apple's increasingly profitable services division, alongside Apple Music. In Cue's statement, it's clear Apple cares about quality journalism from "trusted sources", so it looks like the company will be making a push in the fake news arguments that rose during the 2016 Presidential election.

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Additionally, Cue discussed Apple's AR initiatives, noting that "we think AR is a very mainstream product and something you're going to use all the time, every day".

It's no secret Apple isn't short on funds.

With more than $280 billion in cash on reserve, Apple has been eyed as a potential suitor for Netflix - which is worth about $140 billion.

They had better be thinking bigger if they'd like to complete with market giants Amazon, Netflix and Stan however. Cue evoked the name of Apple's late founder, Steve Jobs, who learned through Pixar how to tweak a story until it was great enough to be a hit on release.

Are you ok with tech firms owning media companies?

For now, Apple will remain focused on distributing other companies' TV apps and content, such as ESPN and other sports channels, he said. He said that Apple believes the technology will be huge and eventually turn into an everyday product for many.

Apple to acquire Texture, the 'Netflix for magazines'