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Watch What's Being Called OJ Simpson's "Lost Confession"

08 March 2018

Long thought to never see the light of day, that interview will now air on Fox Sunday, with the blessing of Ron Goldman's father, Fred.

The interview with the disgraced National Football League star was recorded in 2006 to coincide with the release of the controversial book, If I Did It, in which Simpson outlines theoretical scenarios in the June 1994 murders in the hypothetical confession.

Fox has set its analyst panel for O.J.

A soon to be aired Fox special "The Lost Confession?" purports to reveal the reason Simpson went to Nicole's Brentwood, California home the night she died The 70-year-old is interviewed by book publisher Judith Regan, who collaborated with him on his controversial book, "If I Did It". He said that "Charlie" was the accomplice and went with the killer in the Bronco. It includes a moment during the conversation where Simpson tells a story of a man named Charlie-the hypothetical murderer's new friend-mentioning something was "going on" at Brown Simpson's home between her and Goldman on the night they were killed.

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Simpson talks about how "difficult" it is for him to speak in hypothetical terms.

Simpson claimed in his book that the killer grabbed the knife from his friend, who had been holding it, and everything was a blur. He didn't say what that was but added that it had to stop, which was why he drove over there. The next thing the killer knew, wrote Simpson, he was standing with his shirt covered in blood and both Brown and Goldman dead in front of him.

Simpson was found not guilty of Brown Simpson and Goldman's murders the following year after a highly-publicised trial.

Watch What's Being Called OJ Simpson's