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Google Lens Now Available For All Android Devices

08 March 2018

Lens is an AI-powered technology that uses your smartphone camera and deep machine learning (Google's specialty) not only to detect an object but also understand what it sees.

Google Lens is making it way from the Pixel to Android devices and iPhones alike starting today. Based on user reports at the Android Wear Help forum, Google has disabled the support for Android Pay for Android Wear smartwatches after the Android 8.0 Oreo update for users outside the United Kingdom and the United States. A business card can be scanned to create a contact card, and an unknown landmark might reveal itself in a photo. Till now, this feature was restricted to Google Pixel 2, but the tech giant is now planning to roll out the feature for all Android phones via the Photos app.

Google has a list of the new features that can be found in Android P, and as this is a major upgrade to the software, there are plenty to sift through. Inside Lens the camera will identify popular landmarks, using, Google search to provide data like a description and even the hours of operation.

The Lens feature on Google Photos can be launched by basically tapping on the Lens icon in pictures uploaded to the application. Or, if you photograph something with an address on it, Lens will identify the address and pull up Google Maps directions, saving you from having to type it in.

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So, yes, you can expect more iPhone X-looking Android devices in the future.

Once you've downloaded the app, you'll need to take a photo - just use your normal camera app.

Google has also said that the update for Lens in Photos app is being released in batches. This will include the ability to access functions like smart replies or attach photo and stickers through the notification interface instead of opening the messaging app. We'd love to get you started exercising the new features and APIs in P, and as always, we depend on your early feedback and ideas, so please give us your input!

Google Lens Now Available For All Android Devices