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Donald Trump: No chaos in White House

08 March 2018

Trump, who has refrained from pointing a finger at Moscow, acknowledged that Russian Federation interfered in the presidential election but said it had no impact on the US vote tally.

"The Russians had no impact on our vote", Trump said during a press conference.

Democrats also pressed Coats to explain why Trump hadn't authorized the intelligence community to do more to prevent Russian aggression. "We're doing a very deep study and coming up with some very strong suggestions on the '18 election".

He says he was "one of the first ones to say it", and "took a little heat".

Returning to election security, Trump endorsed the idea of paper backups for electronic balloting. It's called paper. Not highly complex computers.

He also said he's not concerned about Russian Federation interfering with the 2018 midterm elections because his administration will push back on any attempts to do so. It also acts as a protecting power for the U.S. in the country.

The US and its worldwide partners remain determined to achieve the goal of a de-nuclearised Korean Peninsula, President Donald Trump said on Wednesday. And he's said he takes Russian President Vladimir Putin at his word when he denies having ordered the meddling campaign. "We haven't been given credit for this but we've actually been working very hard on the '18 election and the '20 election coming up".

Trump announced last week a 25 percent tariff on steel and a 10 percent tariff on aluminum imports.

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Harriet Mosson, a resident of Montecito, vowed to remain in her residence, an apparent defiance of the evacuation order. Total snowfall of 12 inches or more through Saturday will be possible in higher elevation mountain areas.

"Believe me everybody wants to work in the White House". "And I think it will be a tremendous surprise to people how well". I like seeing it. "I like seeing it and I think it is the best way to go".

President Donald Trump denied Tuesday that his White House was struggling to recruit talented staff, insisting a wealth of potential hires "want a piece of the West Wing".

Questioned about why no new sanctions have been issued, National Intelligence Director Dan Coats said Tuesday that they were forthcoming.

Lofven said he and Trump agree that the result of the election in the country should be decided by nobody else but the voters in that country.

But he didn't engage regarding whom he wants to see go. But Trump didn't budge on his position for steel and aluminum tariffs in a meeting between the two leaders - but he at least reassured his European ally that any tariffs would be implemented in a "very loving way". "It's tough", he said. "I am convinced that increased tariffs will hurt us all in the long run", Lofven said.

It's not quite clear exactly what Trump is referring to in his remarks. "So it doesn't look good when it all comes out of China, so they send it through other countries and it comes to us", he said.

"I can't believe I made that statement", before I got elected. "I've conveyed that to the President", the PM said.

The US has a $566 billion trade deficit; it has about an $800 billion deficit in goods, but a surplus of about $240 billion in services. It's a fraction of what it once was.

Donald Trump: No chaos in White House