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After a year, Trump holds firm grip on conservative movement

24 February 2018

President Donald Trump addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Friday-but it sounded more like a 2016 campaign rally as Republicans gear up for what is expected to be a close 2018 midterm election.

Trump said that despite his pledges to take some action on gun control from earlier in the week, he is still a firm supporter of the right to bear arms.

"You had one guard, he did not turn out to be really good, I will tell you that", Trump said. Trump asked. "The Second Amendment or tax cuts?"

Trump then shouted each option and allowed the audience to cheer, gauging the crowd's opinion on the matter.

He also added that "nobody loves the second amendment as much as I do" and that he has "great friends" in the National Rifle Association.

"By the way, you don't mind if I go off script a little bit, because, you know it's sort of boring", Trump said to an explosion of cheers and hollers from the crowd.

"How'd he get in here, Matt?", Trump joked as the heckler, who had also reportedly unfurled a Russian flag, was led out. Hey, we are hanging in, we are hanging in, we are hanging in there.

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No, seriously. The president got a glimpse of himself on one of the screens showing the speech to the cheap seats in the back.

"Oh, I try like hell to hide that bald spot, folks", he said.

He went on an extended riff about immigration, vowing to build his promised border wall, lamenting a system he claimed was woefully broken, and declaring Democrats were unwilling to accept an agreement that would reform the DACA program.

"Keep it going", Trump said.

Trump saw himself on the big screen next to the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland and made a decision to address his hair problem, gesturing to show how he tries to part his hair to cover the top and back of his head. "You know what? We can't let that happen". The ex-White House chief strategist whose falling out with Trump cost him his perch atop the conservative Breitbart website has featured prominently at past gatherings. The president admitted he was about to throw out most of his prepared remarks, and that's exactly what he did - barely mentioning what was supposed to be a major part of the speech, new sanctions on North Korea.

The Republicans who organize CPAC and fill its speaking roster have sometimes cringed at Trump's harsh rhetoric, but they tolerate it in the hopes he can help shepherd through a staunchly conservative agenda. "If Dad were alive, he would've ripped (Trump) with a great poem in rebuttal". "I want people coming into this country based on merit". The poem was recited by then-candidate Trump numerous times on the campaign trail as a way to back up his argument of keeping some immigrants out of the United States.

After a year, Trump holds firm grip on conservative movement