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Pence Covered A Lot Of Ground In His Big CPAC Speech

23 February 2018

But while LaPierre had plenty to say about protecting the Second Amendment and keeping schools armed to prevent further violence, he spent roughly as much time questioning the leadership of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, vaguely lamenting a loss of "due process" in America, criticizing teaching in schools and perceived chill of free speech on college campuses, and generally decrying the "growing socialist state".

"We have to harden our schools, not soften them". Saul Alinsky would have been proud.

As the CEO of the National Rifle Association since 1991, Wayne LaPierre has been front and center in the national debate about gun control, which has grown increasingly rancorous amid a rise in mass shootings during his tenure, particularly in schools. If they truly cared, what they would do is they would protect them.

"What they want is more restrictions on the law-abiding", he said. An NRA spokesperson says such a law would deprive young people "of their constitutional right to self-protection".

Trump has also echoed the NRA in calling for more armed security at schools, and he has emphasized the idea of arming some teachers as a way to deter future attacks, an idea that was criticized by some law enforcement officers and the National Education Association, the country's largest teachers lobby.

LaPierre paused during his speech to play a video message, in which he outlined several proposals for preventing school shootings: putting armed security in every school, fixing the mental health system, enforcing gun laws and putting "every prohibited person into the [background check] system". "Evil must be confronted immediately with all necessary force to protect our kids".

Trump's televised White House meeting on Wednesday came as students staged street protests across the country to demand stricter gun laws following the Valentine's Day rampage in Parkland by a 19-year-old former student.

"The NRA does care", LaPierre said. "No one challenges authority".

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"I'm proud that the NRA notices the fact that I've been standing up, as has Senator Blumenthal, to the gun industry to try to make our schools safer", Murphy said.

WHAT SHE SAID: "As I have said on the floor many times: whose political survival in this body is more important than the survival of our children?" Crying white mothers are ratings gold to you and many in the legacy media. Looking into the camera, as if staring at news media outlets in the room, she added: "You guys love it".

He called it a "shameful politicisation of tragedy".

LaPierre's speech comes as President Trump is signaling an openness to certain gun control efforts, including the idea of raising the minimum age for purchasing certain firearms, which Trump publicly endorsed Thursday morning.

President Trump speaks at CPAC Friday. I don't want to tell my son, 'You're going to have to participate in an active shooter drill.' I'd much rather have a hardened school.

Trump also stressed he would push for an end to the sale on bump stocks, which allow rifles to shoot hundreds of rounds a minute and which were used during another massacre in Las Vegas past year. "And if we're able to fuzz that line, all semi-automatics are at risk", said LaPierre.

Deputy press secretary Raj Shah later sough to explain Trump's remarks saying he wasn't against the actual drills, but they should be called something different or risk of "frightening children". LaPierre went on to say that the Democratic party is "now a party infested with saboteurs who don't believe in capitalism, don't believe in the Constitution, don't believe in our freedom and don't believe in America as we know it".

As with previous gun tragedies, the NRA had been notably silent in the immediate aftermath of the latest mass shooting.

Pence Covered A Lot Of Ground In His Big CPAC Speech