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Leaked: New 'Fornite: Battle Royale' content gets leaked by Amazon

23 February 2018

Everything included with the Battle Pass is purely cosmetic and will not give you an edge in-game. Including new space-themed skins.

The changes implemented also promise to make the menu interaction for building a lot more smoother, something which although not bad, can be a little clunky at times. The new Season 3 Battle Pass outfits is nonstop bangers, especially the just-short-of-copyright-infringement Rust Lord skin, which looks a bit cooler than its Guardians of the Galaxy inspiration if you ask me.

Based on the reports from sources, the update number 3.0.0 noticeably implies the beginning of the third season.

Building mode has also seen major updates, with a Turbo Mode being introduced, allowing players to continually build while moving around, which is useful for building continuous lines of cover. As you play during the season, you unlock a series of reward tiers.

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Epic Games has not set a definite time till when the maintenance session will be over. It comes with 76 items in total. With turbo building, players can hold down the fire button and place building pieces in quick succession, and the game can also switch to available materials if the now selected material runs out. The game will default to playing in 60 FPS mode. You can also turn on the option for Automatic Material Swapping, which, as the name suggests, will automatically switch between your resources if your current material runs out. However, certain larger objects - such as trees, rocks, and vehicles - will prevent building, and can cause sudden, unwelcome interruptions to your construction flow. The only thing worth noting is that our structures must still be supported by the terrain and other buildings.

Competitive Battle Royale players will likely be most intrigued by the improvements to building, as the best players all seem to have perfected the art of knowing when to use the game's building materials on defense and on offense.

Furthermore, the development team claims that it enhanced the game's network code to make changing building pieces feel quicker.

Leaked: New 'Fornite: Battle Royale' content gets leaked by Amazon