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Website tracking 'Starman,' Elon Musk's Tesla on road to Mars

21 February 2018

"It's like a giant catcher's mitt, in boat form", SpaceX CEO Elon Musk told reporters after the Falcon Heavy launch on February 6, reported.

According to the post by SpaceX, more time is necessary in order to "perform final checkouts of upgraded fairing".

SpaceX's next mission is set for February 21 (that's tomorrow). Why not? The Falcon Heavy will give a boost to multiple planned space missions that were technologically not feasible until now, literally. SpaceX didn't publicly speak about the Starlink prototypes, although it revealed their presence on the Falcon 9 rockets in Federal Communications Commission filings. According to a report from the San Diego Union-Tribune, the new launch time on Wednesday morning could mean a "pre-dawn contrail that could be visible from San Diego County".

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SpaceX recovered a Falcon 9 payload fairing for the first time previous year. It's not clear why the 2015 watercraft is named Mr. Steven (SeaTran didn't immediately respond to a request for comment), but other vessels in the company's fleet have similar names, including Lady Eve, Mr. Mason, Miss Claire and, amusingly, Greater Scott. Musk said that they are getting closer to recovering the payload fairings and have been experimenting with parachutes on its fairings.

'It's like a giant catcher's mitt, in boat form.I think it might be able to do the same thing with Dragon, ' he added. The launch's primary mission is to deliver an observational satellite, called PAZ, for the Spanish government. It is also partially reusable, and two of the Falcon Heavy's three boosters landed safely on twin pads at the Cape Canaveral.

The payload fairings are clam shell-like nose cone halves that protect the craft's payload. Coming to Wednesday's launch, SpaceX will use a previously flown first stage booster for its Falcon 9 rocket. Quietly on board will be two experimental broadband satellites, Microsat-2a and Microsat-2b, a big first step in SpaceX' s long-term plans to create satellite internet over the next decade.

Website tracking 'Starman,' Elon Musk's Tesla on road to Mars