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The Future of Windows Could Be Passwordless

10 February 2018

The latest build of Windows 10 - now being made available to Insiders - is looking to replace passwords with a variety of different authentication methods - at least for the stripped down Chrome-clone Windows S. After you download the app on your smartphone, you simply need to set up Windows Hello on it.

Today, a new leak from Microsoft enthusiast WalkingCat shows off what seems to be the invite for Build 2018.

Progressive Web Apps will be supported in Windows 10 and across all major browsers, and will offer a simpler way of developing cross-platform apps that work very similarly to native software.

The latest Insider Preview updates from Redmond further signals a new era where access and security are more tightly interwoven than before.

Find the Advanced graphics settings in the Settings System Display section and then you will see the dialogue box above.

Clutter-free Printing
Windows 10: Could Progressive Web Apps finally fix Microsoft Store's software shortfall?

In preview release 17093, available to folks enrolled in the Windows Insider early-access and feedback program, Microsoft is making it possible for users to go password-free for themselves. There is also an innovative calibration tool - "Change calibration settings for HDR video on my built-in display - that allows you improve the system HDR video looks on your machine based on a chosen balance among features in dark scenes and features in bright scenes". Microsoft says that "applications are always allowed to have the ultimate choice of which GPU to use", and thus you might still be able to / want to adjust preferences within some specific applications.

Windows 10 S presently lets you avoid passwords by relying on the Authenticator App. Make sure it uses the discrete GPU. You can also now print web pages without ads and unnecessary clutter from the web.

Building for the modern workplace - Upgrade and redefine your code. We'll discuss improvements on how we're evolving our platform to make it easier than ever to update your existing Windows applications with new functionality.

Input Improvements: multilingual text support in Windows and Text Prediction support for more languages.

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The Future of Windows Could Be Passwordless