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Scott Baio accuser Nicole Eggert to seem on 'Megyn Kelly'

31 January 2018

If Charles in Charge had been filmed in Nevada, it wouldn't really matter. She says that's when the abuse started.

Baio, 57, who was in his 20s when he played Eggert's nanny on the 1980s sitcom, denied her story and accused Eggert of damaging his reputation.

Eggert made her claim against Baio on social media last week in response to a tweet on Baio supporting President Donald Trump.

She described how Scott would allegedly grope her, fondle her, and pull her onto his lap while they were on set filming their show. In one post that has since been deleted, the Baywatch star alleged she was molested by Baio at ages "14,15,16 and 17". She claims she agreed but it was awkward.

During his Facebook Live, Baio referred to several papers he had laid out on his desk, and posted each of them to his Facebook page.

Baio stated that Nicole had been making up the claims and it was unfair and uncalled for.

Baio argues that since Eggert was born in 1972, and the show was completed in 1990, she would have no longer been a minor. "I know you're telling the truth and I'm so glad to see you speaking out", he said. "The show has always maintained a philosophy that we want to do the best possible for everyone involved. That was my delusion and that was my cover-up always".

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Adam Carl, a writer on the show, responded to Eggert's original tweet, defending her. "I can vividly remember that statement". It's probably an important difference because unlike most states, California's age of consent is 18. She was visibly shaken and her eyes were watering.

Baio claims that they did have sex but it only happened when she was eighteen. I gave her a hug and changed the topic to our daughters to make her smile. "I wish now I had done more". He says they had a consensual relationship when Eggert was 18.

Just minutes after Eggert's tweet, Baio's wife, Renee, spoke out against Eggert on Twitter, then Baio went to Facebook Live with "proof" that Eggert's story wasn't true. It wasn't a "Hold me down, rape me" situation. "Charles in Charge, that I grew up to?" "I had to watch other children be abused as well". "I'm not embarrassed anymore". She also said she and Baio had sexual intercourse when she was 17.

"I can't say that it was frightful because I was a teenager, and he was sort of creating this crush and this relationship between us", she tells Dr. Oz.

Eggert and her lawyer Lisa Bloom are pursuing all legal options, including the possibility of going to the police.

Eggert alleges that she was between 14 and 17 years old when the abuse took place, adding that she covered it up for years.

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Scott Baio accuser Nicole Eggert to seem on 'Megyn Kelly'