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Intel warns everyone not to download its Spectre and Meltdown patch

23 January 2018

Intel's only said that more details for regarding when the Haswell/Broadwell fix would arriving later this week. It also advised customers of certain systems (a full list is here) to stop deploying the patches until the updated patches are released.

Intel says that it has root-caused the issue on Haswell and Broadwell systems and that it has already issued a version of the fix to hardware partners, which are now testing it. Intel's official advisory to hardware partners hasn't changed: Don't issue anymore of the bugged update and start testing the new one.

"We have determined that similar behavior occurs on other products in some configurations, including Ivy Bridge-, Sandy Bridge-, Skylake-, and Kaby Lake-based platforms".

If you own a PC or Mac using an Intel processor and have been patiently waiting for Spectre and Meltdown patches appear on Windows Update or Mac App Store updates, you shouldn't download it.

On a positive note, Intel has identified the root cause of this problem for Broadwell and Haswell platforms and "made good progress in developing a solution to address it", Shenoy wrote.

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Each time news trickles out about just how insane this unprecedented industry event really is, cloud vendors and data center managers consider buying servers from AMD or ARM vendors the next time their systems need to be replaced.

Instead, Intel asked customers to start testing an updated version of its patches that it began sending out on Saturday and Sunday.

While this means that systems will be unprotected from Spectre and Meltdown, there are now no known attack vectors that are being actively used against PC systems (yet). There was no indication of when Intel will release an updated fix, although the industry is very concerned about the ability of attackers to exploit the vulnerabilities.

Intel initially was recommending that users continue to update despite the issue.

Intel first acknowledged the problem more than a week ago, saying chips in the company's lines called Broadwell and Haswell were causing problems after receiving updates.

Intel warns everyone not to download its Spectre and Meltdown patch