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Nintendo Labo - Cardboard toys for Switch

19 January 2018

After the Wii and the Switch, it's fair to say that Nintendo is no stranger to quirky innovation.

Remember how you could touch the screen of the Nintendo DS and make it do more, complete with a stylus? The Switch's debut past year was yet another innovation from Nintendo and combines home gaming with portable gaming. You guessed it - Super Mario Bros. I don't want to think about how many Spyro figurines are buried in dumps around the world, all doomed to scream silently for a death that will never come. Focusing on physical ways to interact with software sets Nintendo apart in agaming market where the majority of revenue is made by tapping a smartphone screen.

The DIY cardboard accessory kits act as the blueprints to make everything from houses to motorbikes, and become progressively more complex as they go along. These include the Robot Kit (players can build their own cardboard robot) and the Variety Kit (including an RC auto, a piano, a fishing rod, a house, and a motorbike), but the announcement trailer for the Labo hinted at several future Toy-Cons kits too.

If you thought Google Cardboard was a clever way to leverage corrugated cardboard to create an affordable new accessory, you'll be doubly impressed by Nintendo Labo.

Hope you enjoy your first ten minutes of playing your funky cardboard piano, as at about the point that the novelty begins to wear off, the entire device is going to start falling apart. The concept is seriously intriguing: you can buy cardboard templates, playfully named "Toy-Cons", and build them. The Nintendo Switch then acts as the brain of the project.

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Yesterday, Nintendo surprised everyone by announcing the Nintendo Labo. You can create a piano, a fishing rod, a bike and even a robot suit.

The final kit is a decoration kit to augment the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit. The basic set costs £59.99 while the advanced Nintendo Labo robot kit costs £69.99.

In the first image on the left, you see a visor of sorts being constructed.

Nintendo UK has revealed the pricing of the recently unveiled Nintendo Labo products and they certainly aren't cheap. "It is an exciting evolution of the Nintendo Switch platform - one created to inspire curiosity, creativity and imagination in people of all ages". I can envision lots of parents getting on this action ... because it's important to bond with our kids, you know? Sure, turning your Switch into a fully functioning mini piano is neat, but how long until the kit is more duct tape than cardboard? It's all about the children.

Nintendo Labo - Cardboard toys for Switch