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Tunisia protesters arrested in clashes this week

13 January 2018

In Thala, near the Algerian border, troops were sent in after protesters burned down the national security building, forcing police to retreat from the town, witnesses said.

Tunisian police walk past a police vehicle that was damaged during demonstrations the previous night in the northern town of Tebourba on Thrusday following the third night of protests in Tunisia.

Khelifa Chibani, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry, said 44 people had been arrested for carrying weapons such as knives, ´setting government buildings on fire and looting shops.

On Monday, a week after the new budget took effect, protests erupted in more than 10 towns across the country.

Police have insisted they did not kill him.

Nervous authorities are ever-mindful of two deadly terror attacks three years ago that brought Tunisia's life-blood tourism industry to its knees.

"We are in a democracy, and those who want to protest can do it during the day, not at night,"said Chahed, who heads a coalition of Islamist and secular parties".

Protests are common in Tunisia in January, when people mark the anniversary of the revolution that ousted long-time dictator Ben Ali.

Tunisia's has been in economic crisis since 2011, when the Arab Spring uprising unseated the government.

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A Jewish school on the island of Djerba was badly damaged after being hit with petrol bombs, although no one was injured.

The government has vowed not to back down on the austerity measures, taken to satisfy foreign lenders.

One protester recalled what had happened to him.

Spokesman Ziyad Akhdar, of the Popular Front political umbrella group that has been spearheading some of the protests, called the prime minister's remarks "irresponsible", and called for an "independent inquiry" into who is provoking the violence.

Despite the escalating situation, government sources denied adopting a decision to impose a curfew at night, but did not rule it out in the event of continued night protests, theft, looting and vandalism, which have targeted a number of public and private facilities.

Unrest is also reported in the cities of Gafsa, Kazierin and Sidi Bouzid, where the protests that marked the beginning of the Arab Spring began in 2011.

"Prices of medicine have increased".

The government reached an agreement late 2017 with the International Monetary Fund for a four-year loan programme, worth about $2.8bn, in return for economic reforms.

Tunisia protesters arrested in clashes this week