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Super Mario Odyssey to get free 'Luigi's Balloon World' add-on

12 January 2018

Along with this update will be new outfits, and snapshot filters.

Super Mario Odyssey is finally allowing Luigi out of the basement in Luigi's Balloon World mode, a new mode with two competitive options: Hide It, and Find It.

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Once the free update has been downloaded and players have completed the main story, Balloon World will become available. In Hide It, players have thirty seconds to run, jump and climb as far as they can in order to place their balloon in a mysterious location as hidden as they can. Doing well in these new modes will increase a player's rank on online leader boards. As you'd expect, in "Find It", players will have the opportunity to find balloons placed by other players in their own game. Here are the Sunshine Shades and Sunshine Outfit, the Musician Hat and Musician Outfit, and the Knight Helmet and Armor.

This is the first major update to Super Mario Odyssey, and while it doesn't introduce a substantial amount of new content, it will certainly tide over players until more expansive DLC is released for it. Will you be giving Balloon World a go?

Super Mario Odyssey to get free 'Luigi's Balloon World' add-on