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Vivo beats Apple and Samsung to the top smartphone feature of 2018

10 January 2018

The company announced the same at the ongoing CES 2018 and said the technology is production ready and the company will launch a smartphone offering fingerprint scanner on the display screen very soon.

With the in-built fingerprint sensor technology, the smartphone will become a bezel-less phone and the display of the phone will be able to read the fingerprints.

Synaptics has first revealed this technology in December 2017 and the news had sparked speculation as to which smartphones would sport this particular technology.

The company had already demonstrated their under-display fingerprint sensor earlier on a prototype model. These fingerprint sensors can be embedded inside the display and will be scratch-proof as well waterproof.

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Synaptics has said the sensor takes just 0.7-seconds to authenticate the fingerprint and that seems to have played out in various hands-on tests at CES. The taller display has also resulted in the end of the physical home button on the front of the device, where the fingerprint scanner was typically placed. Apple however, completely removed the fingerprint scanner known as TouchID on iOS devices and is now relying on face recognition with the new FaceID feature. Vivo has developed this technology in collaboration with chipset maker Qualcomm. The only difference I experienced was that the Vivo handset was slower - both to learn the contours of my fingerprint and to unlock once I put my thumb on the on-screen fingerprint prompt - but not so much as to be problematic. The smartphone is said to arrive in "early 2018'".

The recent fingerprint scanning technology aims to offer users a better and a more convenient way in terms of fingerprint authentication experiences.

"Today's showcase of a ready-to-produce in-display fingerprint scanning smartphone with an optical fingerprint sensor is a step forward in bringing consumers this futuristic mobile experience". It is possible that some companies will find a way around it, though, maybe leave a small piece of the display active at all times, or something of the sort, as the in-display fingerprint scanner needs an OLED panel in order to work, and we all know that you can leave only a particular part of a display powered on when it comes to OLED panels.

Vivo beats Apple and Samsung to the top smartphone feature of 2018