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Huawei fails to seal USA sales partnership deal with AT&T

10 January 2018

It has the hashtag Mate 10 Pro, suggesting that Huawei will be unveiling its device for the US market, just not via individual mobile carriers. However, the failure to secure a contract with AT&T or fellow United States giant Verizon has drastically limited the Chinese company's growth in the American market.

That placed Huawei's smartphones at a considerable disadvantage compared to Apple, Samsung and other phone makers whose products are readily available from mobile carriers' stores. In an earlier interview, Huawei has admitted that for the company to enter the US market, it has to win the confidence of the telecom industry as well as the federal government. "USA consumers need a better choice, and as a leader in technology and innovation, Huawei is prepared to fill this need", the company said in a statement provided to Reuters. It's said that Huawei was planning to announce the news Tuesday, aka tomorrow, but now the company's deal with AT&T is no more.

The company has been trying to penetrate the US market for years now and its success hinges on selling its phones through carriers.

So far there is no sign that Huawei is trying to strike a handset sales deal with any of the other major US mobile carriers, such as T-Mobile, Verizon or Sprint.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, AT&T, which is the second-largest provider of mobile phone services in the USA in terms of subscribers, changed its mind about a deal to sell Huawei phones.

According to The Information, Huawei's smartphone deal with AT&T was killed by "political pressure".

Huawei has continually denied allegations that it spies for China.

Huawei fails to seal USA sales partnership deal with AT&T