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Road conditions deteriorating… intense cold, wind chills this weekend

31 December 2017

Sunday (New Year's Eve): Bitter cold with wind chills 10 to 25 degrees below 0.

Some of the bitterly cold air that has been plaguing the Midwest will head southward and should begin to affect Alabama on Saturday, according to the weather service.

Highs Saturday will only make a degree south fo 20 with wind chill values near or below zero all day.

New Year's Eve features a scattered snow shower or two with highs in the mid-teens. The wind chill will be sub-zero throughout the day.

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Wintry weather possible during the day Sunday, with a frigid temperature and wind combination by midnight and beyond. Gusts are strong over 25 to 30 miles per hour, and highs are only in the lower 20s. Some predictions even call for snow flurries in Tampa, although meteorologists are downplaying those chances.

Enjoy the relatively warm weather while it lasts, New Orleans. Snowfall amounts in areas under the Winter Storm Warning are still on track to see at least 4 inches with pockets of 5 to 6 inches before ending later this evening. More locations should climb above freezing Wednesday afternoon.

Daytime temperatures will barely make it into the mid 20s with winds gusts up to 25 miles per hour. This will drop temperatures for New Year's Day, as Houston wakes up to a low of 29 degrees. The normal low for this time of year is 29° and the normal high is 48°. Sunny skies and southwest winds will push temperatures to 20° Tuesday afternoon after morning lows near zero. "How cold it will be is what we're still trying to figure out".

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the signs of both frostbite and hypothermia, and be sure to take plenty of breaks indoors in order to keep internal temperatures as well as extremities like fingers, toes, ears and noses from freezing over.

Road conditions deteriorating… intense cold, wind chills this weekend