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Woman accused of ruining $300K of artwork while drunk on 1st date

29 December 2017

A woman is accused of completely losing her cool at the mansion of a well-known Houston attorney, and destroying hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of art work.

Lindy Lou Layman was arrested on December 23 on criminal mischief charges after allegedly damaging several painting and sculptures in Anthony Buzbee's River Oaks home.

In court, prosecutors said Layman was on a first date with Buzbee, according to KHOU-TV. When she was first arrested, the damage was estimated at $300,000, but later a report has that number at about $1.5 million. The paintings apparently include an Andy Warhol original. That's when she allegedly poured red wine on his paintings and ripped them off the wall, then threw his sculptures on the ground.

Per the data read in court, Layman was forceful toward the second Uber driver, strolled again into Buzbee's home and yelled, "I'm not clearing out".

"She allegedly refused to leave and hid in his home", KTRK reports. She was released on $30,000 bond.

In court, Layman stated she is from Dallas, working as a court reporter.

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A felony criminal mischief conviction for causing more than $200,000 in damages in Texas reportedly carries a possible punishment of five to 99 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Layman is now remanded to appear in court on Thursday.

The attorney is also known for successfully defending former Texas Governor Rick Perry in an abuse-of-power case.

Buzbee is a high-profile attorney who hosted Donald Trump at his home for a presidential campaign fundraiser in 2016.

Buzbee recently made headlines for parking a tank outside his mansion, sparking a fight with his homeowners' association and, according to Buzbee's Facebook, a rash of tickets.

Woman accused of ruining $300K of artwork while drunk on 1st date