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'I'm nervous': Prince Harry interviews Obama

18 December 2017

Obama also asked if he needed to have a British accent during the interview.

Prince Harry's full interview with Obama airs on BBC Radio 4 on December 27.

Apparently the two men got together for this special interview during September's Invictus Games in Toronto-you know, when we got those first fantastic pics of now-engaged Prince Harry and Meghan Markle holding hands.

"Do I have to speak faster because I'm a slow speaker?"

Are you also looking forward to the BBC Radio 4 interview with President Obama and Prince Harry?

Everyone's favourite red-haired prince is slated to interview Obama for approximately 40 minutes, with the discussion expected to be edited down to 20 minutes for release at a later date on television and as a podcast.

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Without missing a beat, Harry responds "not at all" before warning the former commander-in-chief that he'll get "the face" if there are any long pauses between answers.

"No, no. Let's keep it this way".

The prince and the president have enjoyed a friendship since Obama was in office.

Kensington Palace said the conversation, which airs December 27, focuses on the pair's "shared interest in building platforms for the next generation of young leaders".

Last year, Obama and his wife, Michelle, posted a mock challenge to Harry on Twitter, telling him to "bring it" before the 2016 Invictus Games.

Since Obama left the Oval Office, he has met Harry a number of times including stopping into Kensington Palace in May while he was touring Europe.

'I'm nervous': Prince Harry interviews Obama