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Galaxy S9 and S9+ shown off at CES

24 November 2017

The renders of the upcoming Galaxy A5 have surfaced on the web, revealing the design of the phone ahead of the global debut. Considering the spec list already associated with the smartphone series, this points to a pretty impressive device, meaning that many Android fans will be eagerly awaiting the Galaxy S9 release date.

Samsung's rumoured Galaxy S9 has been doing rounds for quite a while and we have come across some interesting facts and figures about this mystical smartphone. It bigger sibling will also feature a dual-camera setup at the back, similar to the Galaxy Note 8. It's very possible that this might not even be the final design of the phone. But these early reports seem to indicate that Samsung is having a harder time "copying" the iPhone than before, and some of the things you see on a brand new iPhone won't be available nearly immediately on the next Galaxy S model. Recent leaks suggested the Galaxy S9's chips won't be able to match the power of the A11 Bionic.

Though, it's not yet made sure as how much of it will be seen previewing at the CES versus the traditional event of March launch of the Samsung, that's apparently taking place also. Samsung has been following the tick-tock upgrade cycle for its Galaxy flagship devices and thus the redesigns are generally timed between two upgrades. Plenty of users will surely be happy to hear the 3.5mm headphone jack is staying on both models too.

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The update also brings along fixes for 61 other Android vulnerabilities and six exploits found only on Samsung's software.

The original report, from VentureBeat, mentions that the tentatively named "Galaxy S9" and "Galaxy S9+" will only be "iterative" devices, largely building on the noteworthy, trend-launching, nearly bezel-less designs of this year's S8 duo.

It is rumored that Samsung has expanded this system still further with the Galaxy S9 series in mind, with new functionality included. The new phone is most probably scheduled to launch for sale during the month of May in 2018.

Galaxy S9 and S9+ shown off at CES