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Arab League affirms solidarity with KSA's security measures

21 November 2017

Lebanon's foreign minister may not attend an Arab League meeting in Cairo on Sunday; the final decision will be taken that morning, a senior Lebanese official told Reuters on Saturday.

Lebanon, where Hezbollah is a key member of a coalition government, and Iraq, a majority Shiite nation bound by close political and religious ties to Iran, stated their reservations about the harsher parts of the resolution, including one that branded Hezbollah a "terrorist" organization.

Saudi Arabia and other Arab foreign ministers will hold an emergency meeting in Cairo on Sunday to discuss confronting Iran and its Lebanese Shi'ite ally Hezbollah, who the Arab allies say are interfering in their internal affairs.

In a statement that party called on Arab states to "support the legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people" and urged them to work together to solve their differences through dialogue.

Jubeir said the Arab Peace Initiative would normalize relations between Israel and Arab states.

He cited a ballistic missile fired by Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen earlier this month that was intercepted near the Saudi capital, Riyadh, as an example of how far Iran has gone with its aggressive policy in the region.

In addition to the attempted missile strike, which was repelled by Riyadh's anti-missile defense system, the draft resolution notes the bombing of an oil pipeline in Bahrain as another example of Iranian efforts to undermine regional security.

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Syria is another battlefield of the proxy conflict between Shiite Iran and Sunni powerhouse Saudi Arabia; Riyadh has been supporting groups fighting forces loyal to President Bashar Assad.

Aoun has accused Saudi Arabia of holding Hariri hostage.

The Cairo meeting was not attended by Lebanese foreign minister Gerban Basil.

Bahrain's foreign minister Sheikh Ahmed Al Khalifa told the Arab league meeting that Lebanese group Hizbollah is the biggest threat to security in the region.

Lebanon was among the countries that voted in favour of the Arab League resolution, except for the points in which Hizbollah was mentioned. Arab foreign ministers gathered at Saudi Arabia's request for an extraordinary meeting to discuss alleged "violations" committed by Iran in the region, but the foreign ministers of Lebanon, Iraq and Syria were not in attendance.

A source close to Hariri said that meeting aimed to "continue the series of Arab and worldwide consultations".

They also demanded Hezbollah stop intervening in regional conflicts and spreading extremism and sectarianism.

Arab League affirms solidarity with KSA's security measures