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Ex-President Barack Obama shows up in Chicago for jury duty

09 November 2017

Former president Barack Obama has answered a jury summons, arriving at a Chicago courthouse to perform the civic duty asked of all Americans - but he was sent home just two hours later.

Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans informed reporters shortly before noon that Obama had been assigned to a panel but was not called.

When he arrived in the jury room, Obama greeted the other citizens waiting to be selected for a trial - shaking hands and signing books.

In fact, Obama was also summoned in 2010 but that was during his most powerful leader in the world period, and he was able to postpone reporting, according to his spokeswoman, Katie Hill.

Nor is he the first famous Chicagoan to be called to jury duty.

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"Did you know I was coming?" Palmer joked. Would-be jurors were excited by the prospect of serving alongside the former president.

Obama watched the entire 20-minute educational video during his time at the Daley Center, Evans said.

Obama left his home in Chicago's Kenwood neighborhood around 9:30 a.m. The official, who is not authorized to speak about the former president's jury duty, spoke on condition of anonymity.

Other presidents like George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were called for the duty in 2015 and 2003 but were not picked. Obama was eventually dismissed from jury duty. In 2004, Oprah Winfrey was on a Chicago jury that convicted a man of murder.

Obama is also in line to receive the $17.20 a day that jurors are paid for performing their civic duty.

Ex-President Barack Obama shows up in Chicago for jury duty