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VVVVVV Heads To Nintendo Switch November 17th For $9.99

25 October 2017

The company in their recent update added a bunch load of features including the ability to connect wireless headphones when in docked mode, allows players to transfer data to a new system and also enabled video capture support.

The Nintendo Switch recently got updated to 4.0.0, and as shared by Master Mewking on Twitter, you can now use GameCube controllers on the console as part of the update. But as the below video from GameXplain shows, GameCube controller support came along for the ride. Then head to the settings for pairing the controllers by pressing the L and R buttons. You can pair four controllers at once. The controllers seem to work with every available Switch game, though the GameCube controller lacks an equivalent for the Switch's "minus" and "ZL" buttons, limiting the functionality in some titles.

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While it's hardly surprising that Nintendo would be working on Smash Bros Switch considering the popularity of the series, the company has yet to offer any details on what we can expect from the as-yet-unannounced game. Hopefully, Switch owners haven't already thrown out their old GameCube controllers. What this means is that in some games you'll be unable to access functions related to those buttons, a great example being the inability to access the map menu in Fire Emblem Warriors without using a standard Switch controller.

We'll keep you guys updated. And while there's nothing pointing to specific new announcements, at the very least, it works on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

VVVVVV Heads To Nintendo Switch November 17th For $9.99