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Latest Windows 10 update rolled out

18 October 2017

The Fall Creators Update has started rolling out today through Windows Update, but as usual it will take many weeks for it to reach all of the Windows 10 installations out there. If the last two Windows 10 editions are any hint, it might take over 6 months for some users to receive this latest version of Windows 10. If you have a newer system, you'll be prompted to install the Fall Creators Update before those with older systems.

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is now available from the Media Creation Tool, which means getting the update right now is really easy. You can use the ISOs to clean install or upgrade your PC to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and it's a pretty straightforward way of installing Windows if you are familiar with the process.

Much of the focus on the Fall Creators Update, at least among enthusiasts, will be on Windows Mixed Reality. But, after that's done, you will be able to access the Windows 10 ISO files page and download the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update files directly from Microsoft's website.

"Since version 1511 was released in November 2015, Microsoft has released additional feature updates that build upon each other, delivering the newest features and more comprehensive security", the note stated.

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Myerson would not reveal more about the company's strategy beyond that - "I don't want to answer more specifically", he said when pressed - but it's easy to begin connecting the dots of Microsoft's new mobile road map. The base platform isn't all that taxing-you can get away with a modern CPU with integrated graphics-but Windows Mixed Reality Ultra requires more powerful processors and dedicated graphics.

All of these changes, as well as the many improvements Microsoft made to Windows 10's accessibility, are welcome.

Ahead of the next major Windows 10 feature release, Microsoft has posted a video teasing some of the first Fluent Design brush strokes it's applied to Windows 10.

The next major feature update for Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system is here. The company is staggering the release of new Windows updates to select hardware to ensure the best experience on as many systems as possible.

Latest Windows 10 update rolled out