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Doom is coming to the Nintendo Switch this November

17 October 2017

The full single-player campaign, arcade mode, and multiplayer are available, as well as all previous DLC. "When you're bored to tears you can go in the corner and fire up your Nintendo Switch and play Doom and slay demons while everybody's, I dunno, eating fruitcake".

Last month's Nintendo Direct broadcast brought some good news for gamers looking forward to a top-tier FPS to play on their Switch, as it was confirmed that Doom would be heading to the console before the end of the year.

When asked about the performance of DOOM Nintendo Switch Edition id Software executive producer Marty Stratton said that the studio knew they have a really scalable engine to work with on their hands. "They really tailored the experience toward [the Switch] hardware without watering anything down".

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On the single player front, the Switch version will include the ultra-nightmare mode in which the game deletes your save file if you die. Much of that analysis discussed how many options Doom offered PC players in scaling the game to their specifications. Stratton says that means all the "awesome features" found in the other versions are here, the chief compromise being a drop from 60 to 30 frames per second.

That kind of consideration demonstrates that fact that id Software has been forced to make some tweaks to the game to make sure it's at its best on the Switch. Seeing the DOOM Nintendo Switch Edition gives fans one more reason to replay the game, this time on a handheld console.

So do not forget to squeeze that into your Christmas budget along with the Nintendo Switch if you don't already have the system.

Doom is coming to the Nintendo Switch this November