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May makes light of keynote speech cough with medicine-themed tweet

07 October 2017

Environment Secretary Michael Gove claimed it was "a fantastic speech from a Prime Minister at the top of her game".

Theresa May has said she is providing "calm leadership with the full support of the cabinet" amid an attempted ousting orchestrated by a former party chairman.

At the risk of not being wholly impartial (sorry Ofcom) I feel sorry for Theresa May.

May began her speech by talking about why she joined the party 40 years ago, highlighting that the things that have made her most proud have not been the positions held but "knowing that I made a difference - helped those who can not be heard".

But she woke up to newspaper headlines describing Wednesday's events in the Manchester Central hall as a "nightmare" and a "shambles".

Even before the conference, May was facing a not-so-veiled threat to her leadership from the ambitious Boris Johnson using the Brexit card.

To trigger a formal leadership challenge, 48 Conservative lawmakers need to write to the chairman of the party's so-called 1922 Committee. The possibility that her departure could usher in a Brexit hardliner is worrying to businesses and investors who want a longer, smoother transition than the one advocated by a popular anti-EU wing of the party.

Mr Brodkin was then escorted out by security, in front of a substantial media scrum.

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May was interrupted by a man who handed her a P45 (a form given to people who lose their jobs in Britain) saying "Boris asked me to give you this".

A heavy cough plagued May throughout the speech, periodically undermining her talking points. She sipped water. Her finance minister, Philip Hammond, passed her a lozenge.

In a bid to rally May, audience members gave her a standing ovation while she moved away from the microphone to clear her throat.

The tough day at the dais ended as letters from a Conservative Party slogan on a wall behind May, reading "Building a country that works for everyone", began falling off.

If more Tories follow Vaizey in speaking out in public, May's position could become untenable.

It was excruciating to watch, but it also won her sympathy in some quarters, including from Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

"So, whether you're trying to buy your own home, renting privately and looking for more security, or have been waiting for years on a council list, help is on the way", she promised.

Gove's intervention came as United Kingdom home secretary Amber Rudd made a very public appeal in "The Daily Telegraph" asking May?to continue despite the "trio of mishaps" that blighted her conference speech.

May makes light of keynote speech cough with medicine-themed tweet