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Trump On Firing Tom Price: 'We'll See'

28 September 2017

While Republican efforts to fulfill one of the president's key campaign promises have fizzled several times this year, Trump may have found another reason to get rid of his secretary of Health and Human Services: private flights on the government's dime. "I'm not happy about it and I let him know it".

Price is facing two investigations into his use of private jets amid Republicans' failed attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Price, an ally of House Speaker Paul Ryan, is a past chairman of the House Budget Committee, where he was known as a frequent critic of wasteful spending.

Trump's displeasure, voiced repeatedly, called into question Price's job security as head of the Health and Human Services Department.

Price has taken as many as 24 private flights in the past few months, costing the government an estimated $300,000.

Price has since defended the trips, stating that some were in response to the hurricanes that have hit the US mainland.

A spokeswoman, Charmaine Yoest, said Price had once been delayed on a commercial flight and was forced to cancel a public event. At that point, the spin out of Price's office took on the intensity of a Category Five hurricane.

"I'd like to introduce Secretary Price to the train", Sen. "It's quite another if you're turning over the cost of that to the American taxpayer".

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The latest round of reporting is the most damaging yet. According to Politico, the list includes at least two expensive chartered flights to locations where Price's "work responsibilities" were at best minimal, but where - just by accident, of course - he either owned property or had family to visit.

Politico reported that Price's use of chartered jet on taxpayer money extended to personal use. The rest of his 5.5 hours on the ground in Nashville was spent visiting and having lunch with his son, who lives there.

Asked Wednesday whether he has confidence in Price, Trump declined to offer a clear answer, saying only that he is "looking into it".

Price is not such a person.

Earlier today, however, President Trump was asked what he thought about his gallivanting, high-flying HHS secretary.

"I was looking into it and I will look into it and I will tell you personally, I'm not happy about it", Trump told reporters Wednesday at the White House before embarking on a trip to IN to discuss tax reform.

A congressional committee is launching a wide-ranging examination of air travel by high-ranking Trump officials following reports that Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price used pricey charters when cheaper commercial flights were available.

Trump On Firing Tom Price: 'We'll See'