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Mercedes-AMG Project ONE hypercar concept blasts in with 986bhp

12 September 2017

It appears that Mercedes meant it literally after they revealed that the Project One will be equipped with a small capacity 1.6L turbocharged V6 engine that can develop more than 1,000hp.

We don't have the official figures just yet, but Mercedes-AMG says that at least 1,000 horsepower and similar amount of torque can be expected from the downright brutal powertrain that will occupy the middle of the auto.

It's long, low, and agressive, looking sort of like a McLaren F1 was fed steroids and cocaine and given a generous jewelry allowance.

Our man David Tracy, live on the scene, tells us that in the flesh it looks stunning and better than in the photos. The rear wheels are driven by a brand new eight-speed gearbox, which can be operated via shift paddles on the steering wheel. The vehicle does have basic amenities like air conditioning and electric windows and Mercedes does claim you can actually drive it on a daily basis. Timed to coincide with AMG's 50 anniversary, this one hell of a celebration from Mercedes. The driving modes range from purely electric operation through to a highly dynamic mode which corresponds to a setting used in Formula 1 qualifying for optimum lap times.

Active aerodynamic aids, too, are critical to the Project One's quest for F1-like performance.

Inside the two-place cabins, the seats themselves are integrated into the monocoque and yet have adjustable backrests.

Teaser images of Mercedes' F1-powered hypercar emerge
Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar images released ahead of Frankfurt debut

Unlike an F1 vehicle, the hypercar is all-wheel-drive, with torque vectoring helping to translate all that power in a direction of the driver's choosing. There's a reversing camera on the roof, displayed in the rear-view mirror.

There are two LED monitors, one in the centre stack and one in front of the driver.

Power for the Project One ultimately flows through an automated eight-speed manual transmission specifically developed for the auto. Mercedes-AMG hasn't released any images of the interior of the auto.

The benchmarks of hypercar performance, including a Nurburgring lap time, appear to be on hold until the Project One has turned a wheel in public but, already, the mega Merc looks set to bring records tumbling.

Sadly, AMG plans to build just 275 examples, and all build slots have been sold. We're advised that nine are headed for Australia and one for New Zealand.

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Mercedes-AMG Project ONE hypercar concept blasts in with 986bhp