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Apple Set to Reveal Special iPhone X on Tuesday

10 September 2017

We have the likes of the Galaxy S8, Note 8 or the Essential PH One but none as alluring as the iPhone X.

Apple has been riding high thanks to iPhone sales for just over 10 years now, but the company's dependence on the device could eventually become a problem.

It also looks like rather than the iPhone 8 or iPhone Pro, two previously rumoured names for the upcoming iPhone, Apple intends to call the new device the iPhone X.

The "animoji" facial expression capture appears to be exclusive to the high-end OLED iPhone expected at the september 12 release event. So basically Apple is breathing a bit of life into static emojis, making them a bit dynamic and personal. He added that iPhone sales will drop in case Apple fails to get the new anniversary edition iPhone 8 to the customers during the holiday season.

According to one report, the alleged iPhone 8 device will likely be sold at a retail price of $1000.

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The enhanced version of Portrait mode could be launched as a beta feature with the forthcoming flagship iPhone release. Among those are Contour Light, Natural Light, Stage Light, Stage Light Mono, and Studio Light. If the leaked info is right, the camera can shoot in 1080p HD at 240fps, 4K at 24fps and 4K at 60fps.

You can now download the 16 new leaked iOS 11 GM wallpapers meant for iPhone and iPad. These are the light transmitter, the light receiver, front camera and time of flight or proximity sensor. The iOS 11 GM also corroborates that leak.

Since Google is also replacing the 3.5 mm Audiojack with Wireless headphones, Apple is also going to update their own Airpods with new powerful Airpods on an iPhone 8 which is yet to be announced. So the next logical question is where will the Touch ID or as we know it the fingerprint scanner go?

After production issues with an in glass Touch ID scanner, Apple has made a decision to say goodbye to our dear old friend and replace it with something fancier, more secure, and frankly disturbing. Some may say that the feature is not new as Microsoft had earlier introduced facial recognition feature in the Windows 10, but the iPhone X will come with a 3D Face ID technology.

Consequently, the new button mechanism has been linked to the Accessibility settings to support varying speeds of the double and triple click while also supporting quick launch options for Siri and Face ID, using this special button feature. Tech giants including Samsung, Nokia, Google and OnePlus use OLED display in their devices as the advantage OLED enjoys over LCD displays is that it is thinner, lighter, brighter, has better contrast and consumes less energy. For example, double-clicking the side button will show Apple Pay cards and passes just like on the Apple Watch.

Apple Set to Reveal Special iPhone X on Tuesday