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Say Goodbye to Star Wars and Marvel Movies on Netflix

08 September 2017

"We've now decided we will put the Marvel and "Star Wars" movies on this app as well", Iger said.

Iger told investors to "think of the Disney app as a traditional SVOD service", or streaming video on demand service, in the vein of Netflix.

Meanwhile, separately from the Disney movie pact, Netflix has a multiyear deal with Marvel for original series based on Marvel's street-hero characters, including "Daredevil", "Jessica Jones", "Luke Cage" and "Iron Fist".

The company plans to release two streaming apps, which will be Disney's foray into direct-to-consumer services.

Kono urges China, Russia to up pressure on N. Korea
North Korea bought into that kind of agreement in the past, before hardliners in the U.S. The launch marks the second time in four days that North Korea has tested its missiles.

The ESPN service will arrive sooner - "sometime this spring", Mr. Iger said - and include, as previously disclosed, thousands of events not now shown on ESPN, including hockey, baseball, tennis, college sports.

The news arrives less than a month after he announced Disney will pull its movies from Netflix at the end of next year, when their current distribution agreement ends. Investors may have sold because Iger said earnings per share for this fiscal year will be similar to the level for the year that ended on October 1, 2016.

Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel films will remain on Netflix until 2019 before they move to Disney's unnamed streaming service.

How Disney's launch will impact other major streaming services is a big, looming question - especially for Netflx. The more terrifying thought, though, is all the screaming children when they realize they suddenly can't watch Moana eight times a day. "And we're going to produce three to four television movies that are Disney-branded". He declined to say how much subscriptions would cost. Indeed: the "Kids" section of Netflix's service is probably in the biggest danger from this new Disney venture. It's unclear whether older Disney animated films will be available on this streaming service, but it does place most of Disney's properties in one place for all the avid Disney, Lucasfilm, and Marvel fans.

Say Goodbye to Star Wars and Marvel Movies on Netflix