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Apple Joins Latest Battle Over Net Neutrality

04 September 2017

Apple specifically urged the FCC and its chairman, Ajit Pai, not to reverse a ban against "fast lanes", which allow providers to increase or decrease internet speeds for different content. Without strong protections Internet service providers (ISPs) would be permitted to block websites, slow traffic, or charge new access fees.

"Nothing about the internet was broken in 2015", he said, speaking of when the FCC moved to regulate the internet as a public utility under Title II of the Telecommunications Act.

In June, 30 internet service companies wrote to the FCC to show support for net neutrality.

"An open internet ensures that hundreds of millions of consumers get the experience they want, over the broadband connections they choose, to use the devices they love, which have become an integral part of their lives", Cynthia Hogan, Apple's Vice President of Public Policy, said in a letter to the agency.

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While Apple is gearing up to unveil the 10th-anniversary edition iPhone 8, the company has also made a last-minute appeal with the FCC for a strong set of#Net Neutrality rules.

"Paid fast lanes could replace today's content-neutral transmission of internet traffic with differential treatment of content based on an online providers' ability or willingness to pay". That's the current net neutrality approach that Pai - with the backing of companies like AT&T and Comcast - hopes to scrap. "As we've said before, and as both sides of the aisle have agreed, it's time for Congress to enact bipartisan legislation that permanently establishes sensible and enforceable open internet protections. Providers of online goods and services need assurance that they will be able to reliably reach their customers without interference from the underlying broadband provider", the letter argues.

Individuals who state that their contact information was attached to the anti-net neutrality comments without their accord required that FCC remove the comments from the docket.

Pai has said the rules are bad for jobs and investment, and amount to "the government controlling the internet".

Apple Joins Latest Battle Over Net Neutrality