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Trump To Kick Off First Major Tax Reform Effort In 30 Years

31 August 2017

Trump announced his plan to visit Missouri on Twitter, boasting about how he won the state in the 2016 presidential election just after announcing his trip to Texas. According to the Springfield News-Leader, company executives contributed to Trump's presidential campaign a year ago. "That was below the average rate for developed countries at the time", Trump said.

"I always want a tax cut, but as far as being able to afford it, that's above my pay grade, brother", this man said. The Republican Missouri Attorney General has also pushed Congress to support Trump's tax reform agenda.

Trump's tax reform proposal is expected to come under heavy fire from Democrats, who have already decried the initial proposals laid out by the Trump administration as offering the biggest benefits to the wealthiest Americans - a framing of the issue Trump is looking to steer away from.

The president will convey why he believes the American economy must be revitalized through tax relief - but won't go into specifics of potential legislation, said the official Tuesday, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

That outline was also light on details - like who would be eligible for which tax brackets and whether or not the White House plan would increase the budget deficit. Another official told reporters that it will be a "very bipartisan speech" that will call for lawmakers to "work to build a tax code that really allows all Americans to have access to the American Dream and work their way up the economic ladder". "I see them putting these ideas out as though they're making progress, but they are the same regurgitated ideas we've been talking about for 20 years that have never gotten past the white-paper stage".

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The president will not offer a detailed plan to overhaul the tax code or cut tax rates, the officials said, saying the speech in Springfield, Missouri, will focus on "why" not "how". "Now, the middle class really needs a tax cut".

While the broad, sweeping principles upon which tax reform will be based have been set by the White House and Republican leadership, the details have yet to be fine-tuned. "I hope so. Tell you what - the U.S. is counting on it".

Trump also took a few stabs at the hard argument that cutting corporate rates would lead to job creation and benefits for people other than just the very rich.

"I think Congress is going to make a comeback, I hope so", Trump continued, to cheers from the audience.

Trump To Kick Off First Major Tax Reform Effort In 30 Years