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Rocket League Switch Has Nintendo Cars!

24 August 2017

Psyonix revealed that the Switch's edition is going to feature 3 iconic cars from Nintendo's most famous IPs and we are already "heavy breathing". All of these items will come free to players on the Switch.

Based on your team's side you will be assigned either Mario NSR (for the orange team) or Luigi NSR (for the blue team).

Both cars also have specialized boosts, called "Super Star" for the Mario and Luigi NSR and "Wave Beam" for Samus' Gunship.

Furthermore this new edition of Rocket League will feature The "Mario" and "Luigi" Toppers on any vehicle, the "Super Star" Rocket Boost for the Mario and Luigi cars and the "Wave Beam" Rocket Boost for the "Samus" Gunship'.

Both cars will have their own unique trails, and will be available only on the Nintendo Switch- as happens with console exclusive content in this game, if you are playing with an Xbox One or PC player (because the Switch version will offer cross platform play), they will see a generic vehicle instead. Each of the aforementioned cars will be coming this holiday 2017.

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Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch now has a holiday 2017 launch window, coming with local wireless multiplayer and cross-play capabilities between the PC and Xbox One versions of the game.

Due to the fact that the Switch version is launching a "tad" bit later than its console competition, Ppsynoix is adding a few cars to the mix that you won't be able to get anywhere else.

Along with these comes a Metroid battle auto that is themed after Samus' gunship.

Seriously, pick up Rocket League.

Rocket League Switch Has Nintendo Cars!