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Germany urged to probe coup fugitive reports

20 August 2017

Who are you to talk to the president of Turkey?

"I call on them [Turks in Germany] not to vote for those parties who have been engaged in such aggressive, disrespectful attitudes against Turkey", Erdogan told reporters after Friday prayers in Istanbul.

Erdogan did not make it clear which German political party he would like people to support in the polls for the Bundestag on September 24.

19 slammed German Foreign Minister Sigmar Garbiel over his remarks suggesting that Ankara was intervening in German elections, urging him to know his limits.

Turkey was also angered when Germany provided asylum to Turkish officers allegedly linked to the attempted coup.

Bozdag accused Germany of meddling in Turkey's April 16 referendum on expanding Erdogan's powers saying the German "government's attitude was very clear" in backing the "No" camp. Gulen has denied the accusations.

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Turkish-German journalist Deniz Yucel, the Istanbul correspondent of the Die Welt daily, has been jailed in Turkey since February ahead of trial on terror charges.

While Erdogan's government says these measures are justified by the need to address national security concerns and root out "a deeply embedded network of Gulen supporters", Turkey's Western allies accused Erdogan of using the coup aftermath to quash all dissent and opposition.

Having fled Turkey to Germany in 1991, the 68-year-old author was detained at a hotel in the Spanish city of Granada over an Interpol warrant earlier issued by Turkey.

A draft paper seen by the news agency also said that Turkey's pre-EU accession assistance (IPA) should be targeted "even more towards supporting democracy and the rule of law", given recent developments in the country.

German journalist Mesale Tolu has been held on similar charges since May, while activist Peter Steudtner was arrested in a July raid.

Analysts estimate that about 1.2 million people of Turkish origin will have the right to vote in the September elections.

Germany urged to probe coup fugitive reports