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Aussie Deputy PM is a New Zealander

18 August 2017

JULIE BISHOP: I maintain constant contact with my colleagues in New Zealand.

"Clearly, it's absurd that a person who was born in 1967 in Australia, whose father left New Zealand in 1947, can have citizenship conferred upon him by a foreign country".

Meanwhile, Ardern said her party valued its relationship with the Australian government but it was "high regrettable" that Bishop "has chosen to make false claims about the New Zealand Labour Party".

Ms Bishop's comments have brought about widespread criticism, with right-wing Australian political commentator Andrew Bolt telling Sky News the Foreign Minister has turned the situation into an "international incident".

Australia's treatment of New Zealand citizens has been a huge issue since changes were made to immigration policy and the Social Security Act back in 2001.

Canavan, whose case is now being reviewed by the High Court in Australia, said his mother-who herself was not born in Italy-signed him up for Italian citizenship when he was 25 without him knowing.

"New Zealand Minister Peter Dunne has since confirmed it was questions by Fairfax journalists, and not the question on notice, which led to the outing of Mr Joyce as a New Zealand citizen".

JULIE BISHOP: I maintain constant contact with my New Zealand colleagues, and I'm not going into the details of conversations that I have had, but I do call on Bill Shorten to reveal the name of the Labor member who urged a New Zealand member of Parliament, this is a foreign political party, to raise questions in a foreign Parliament deliberately created to undermine confidence in the Australian government.

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Australia's constitution bars citizens of another country from standing for parliament. "Australian media inquiries were", he said on Twitter.

A Trans-Tasman stoush has erupted over the surprise news that Australia's Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is a New Zealand citizen.

Ms Bishop accused the Australian Labor Party of trying to use the New Zealand Parliament to undermine the Australian government, saying it put the relationship between the two governments at risk. Angyal said the laws of other countries may play havoc with section 44, and that the broad nature of the section could rule out huge swathes of the population from being eligible for election - an argument the government has used to defend Joyce and Canavan.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop cast doubt on whether Canberra could work with New Zealand Labour if it won a general election scheduled for next month.

"I think in the heat of the moment they took it all pretty seriously, but they've got to get on and resolve the issues around citizenship". He believes he is not in breach of any rules and will take the case to the High Court.

In spite of everything, Nick Economou, senior lecturer in Australian politics at Monash University, told CNN he was sure the Australia New Zealand relationship would be able to withstand the current diplomatic tiff. Another two senators, Matt Canavan and Malcolm Roberts, will also have their eligibility decided by the High Court.

"However, Chris himself has acknowledged that had he known what those questions would be used for, he wouldn't have asked them", she said.

Aussie Deputy PM is a New Zealander