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Jinder Mahal vs. John Cena

17 August 2017

The Ascension didn't like the pie Fandango last week, maybe because there is hair and a used bandage in it. GLUTEN! Viktor panics because they live a gluten free lifestyle and gets dragged away. Breeze says they need to figure this out because the last thing they need is people thinking they're making it up as they go along. Too distracted by John Cena's presence to capitalize on the opportunity, an opportunistic Jinder Mahal rolled him up in a school boy for the 3 count in quick fashion.

JBL even noted on commentary that the referee allowed Mahal to get back to his feet before ringing the bell, saying he wasn't sure he saw that happened before. Jinder throws him outside and we take a break. Back in the ring, Jinder continues the offense with a stalling vertical suplex.

Though she didn't clarify just how much Cena actually spent on their new home, after reports claimed that her five-carat Tiffany engagement ring set him back a cool $115,000, he probably didn't exactly scrimp and save when it came to purchasing their new San Diego house. The ref has seen enough and orders the Signh Brothers to the back.

Current United States Champion AJ Styles was slated to square off against former US Olympian Chad Gable, but opted to announce an open challenge for anyone who wanted a shot at his belt. Cena counters into an AA, but Mahal kicks out. There is also the matter of John Cena losing matches in high-profile spots, and with a consistency that seemed impossible not all that long ago.

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His attempt failed to reap benefits, as Mahal tricked him into pinfall and made him join Damien Sandow as the only wrestlers to unsuccessfully cash-in and lose their match.

Baron Corbin. 'The Lone Wolf.' 'Big Banter.' Call him what you will, but the man's career is faltering.

That brings us to 2017, where John Cena might just be picking up a victory for the first time since he cut the legs out from under Wade Barrett and The Nexus. But after a moment of distraction when Corbin went after Cena near the ropes, Mahal regrouped and rolled up Corbin to retain the title and end any aspirations Corbin had of winning the WWE Championship, at least in the near future.

Jinder Mahal vs. John Cena