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Chinese tourists detained for giving Nazi salute in Berlin

08 August 2017

German police have arrested two Chinese tourists for giving a "Heil Hitler" salute outside the country's historic Reichstag parliament building.

Using symbols or salutes linked to Hitler and Nazis is a very serious offense in Germany -two Chinese tourists learned that the hard way.

For the two men who thought nothing of saluting in the style of Hitler outside the Reichstag, a judge ordered each to post €500 (S$801.73) in bail. Laws prohibiting the salute also exist across Austria, Sweden, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland and several other nations.

They face a criminal investigation for using symbols associated with organizations that are considered to be in breach of Germany's constitution.

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The salute - with the right arm straight and angled slightly up, palm down - was used as a greeting and a way of expressing devotion to Hitler under the Third Reich.

A police spokeswoman declined on Sunday to reveal further details, and said she did not know whether the tourists were still in Berlin, or even in Germany. Last year, two British tourists were arrested in Berlin for pulling the same stunt, once again near the Reichstag, as was a Canadian tourist in 2011, according to the LA Times.

The Post reported the Chinese government has expressed concern in the past for "embarrassing behavior" by Chinese tourists traveling overseas and has encouraged travelers to respect local laws and customs.

Chinese tourists detained for giving Nazi salute in Berlin