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Trump joining with GOP senators to push immigration changes

03 August 2017

"That is why we are here today: Merit-based", Trump said, joined at the White House Roosevelt Room podium by the bill's sponsors, Sens.

In a nod to his outreach to blue-collar workers during the campaign, Trump said the measure would prevent new immigrants from collecting welfare for a period of time and help USA workers by reducing the number of unskilled laborers entering the U.S. VerBruggen calls that a major problem, with good reason: Politically, opposing legal immigration is not a good hill to fight on.

The RAISE Act replaces the current permanent employment-visa framework with a skills-based system that rewards applicants based on their individual merits.

NumbersUSA President Roy Beck hailed the bill and said that it "will do more than any other action to fulfill President Trump's promises as a candidate".

Cotton is equally if not more voluble than Trump against "low-skilled" migration and its effects on working class families and their wages - which has nothing to do with business class travellers who are unscathed by immigration.

Mr. Trump said the US has for decades issued green cards to "record numbers of low-wage immigrants", and said it puts pressure on unskilled workers who are USA citizens already.

Refugee organizations said permanently limiting number of refugees allowed in the country goes against an American value of offering safe haven to people fleeing violence and oppression.

"This legislation demonstrates our compassion for struggling American families who deserve an immigration system that puts their needs first and puts America first", Trump said, speaking straight to his most loyal voters.

Trump's prepared speeches and policy papers often reflected their views: His campaign proposed a pause on issuing H-1B worker visas and Trump pledged in a speech to return overall immigration to "historical norms", which some observers saw as a code for a significant decrease. They say the legislation would disproportionately affect immigrants from Asia, the Middle East, and African and Caribbean countries.

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"Our recent polling confirms that American voters overwhelmingly want far less immigration because they know mass immigration creates unfair competition for American workers", said the group's president, Roy Beck.

The White House said Monday that Trump has "100 percent" confidence in his Cabinet, including Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

"It's pulling the rug out from underneath them, and unless we reverse this trend, we're going to create a near permanent underclass for whom the American dream is always just out of reach", Cotton said back in February upon announcing the legislation.

The new system would reward education, English-language ability, high-paying job offers, past achievements, and entrepreneurial initiative. Mr.

This system is similar to the merit-based immigration systems used by Canada and Australia.

The RAISE Act eliminates the outdated Diversity Visa lottery system, which serves questionable economic and humanitarian interests.

The bill faces dim prospects in Congress, where almost all Democrats and a sizable number of Republicans oppose its key provisions.

"It has been very hard for Congress to fix our broken immigration system", he said. That means the United States needs comprehensive immigration reform so that it can welcome, attract and absorb all the new immigrants that will be needed to maintain a healthy economy.

Trump joining with GOP senators to push immigration changes